G9 Bhangra Academy had opened their third location of Bhangra Academy in the Guelph City after Kitchener & Cambridge where we started giving Bhangra Classes to Kids and Bhangra Fitness Classes to Adults.

Registrations are open and Kids above age 4yrs & Adults (any Age) can use  Registration Form to register for Kids & Adults Bhangra Class in Guelph.

If you like bhangra music or bhangra dance you are most welcomed to join our bhangra academy.  We always motivate our bhangra students through various activities in class. We can proudly say even the kids who never liked bhangra before they are now one of the best bhangra artists. We focus on teaching fine details or that students can do graceful bhangra and make us feel proud. We also organize class competitions, inter academy youth festival every year and mid year performances event as well.

Demo class is available on special request.
So if you would like to join our Kids Bhangra Class or Adults Bhangra Class in Guelph. Please feel free to contact us at 226-978-4722 or 226-868-2213.
You can click here to watch our Bhangra Performance Videos on our G9 Media Youtube Channel.

Kids Bhangra Class:

To register for Kids Bhangra Class in Guelph location, kids have to be 4+ years old, so that they can pay attention towards bhangra steps. We always focus on fine details on every single bhangra move. You can fill this Registration Form to enroll into the class.

bhangra class kitchener

Adults Bhangra Class:

We welcome adults of any age to join our Adults bhangra class in Guelph Location. We have multiple Adults Bhangra classes ongoing in our Kitchener Bhangra Academy Location. The Adults Bhangra teams enjoy our bhangra class thoroughly and also perform bhangra on various cultural event. If you miss bhangra on your parties and wedding events, you can feel free to join our Adults Bhangra Class in Guelph. Please fill this Registration Form to enroll into the class.


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Register online for Kids or Adults Classes


226.868.2213  226.978.4722